We monitor – you profit

We love peanuts, which is why we are strict with them. Gerelli works exclusively with the best producers, and only uses the most cutting-edge processing methods. This is the only way to achieve the best results.

Quality comes first with us. For example, our cutting-edge machines photograph every single peanut, and automatically filter out non-standard, discoloured specimens and foreign bodies. We also measure the desired degree of roasting with a colour measurement device. This allows us to achieve the very highest and most homogeneous product quality.

Our processes are ISO 9001-2008, FSSC 22000-2010 and organic certified.

We use one of the most innovative roasting facilities in the whole of Europe. Roasting is carried out in a two-stage process, which intensifies the flavour and protects the peanuts. Our roasting machine treats the peanuts with care; the shells and kernels remain intact. We are able to roast up to 30 tons of peanuts a day, with the highest precision and to the exact desired colour.

Our sorting machines then precision-package every single pack to the nearest 2 grams – thanks to the simultaneous use of more than 30 scales.