As fine as it is healthy: the peanut

Peanuts have earned their German name of "Erdnüsse", or "earth nuts": they bring together the best of what the earth has to offer in terms of nutrients and flavour.

For instance, 100 grams of our peanuts contain an average of over 25 grams of high-quality, plant-based protein. The composition of the fat content is also beneficial, with around 37 grams of unsaturated fatty acids. The peanuts also provide more than 7 grams of fibre. Your digestion and health will thank you. 

We import our peanuts from Egypt and Israel. This is where the best quality can be found, and the transport miles to Switzerland are low. The peanuts are transported to Basel by ship, then by truck to us at Frauenfeld.

...Why "Spanische Nüssli" ("Spanish nuts")? It was Spanish seafarers who first brought peanuts to Europe – after discovering the "New World".